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Arminius Vambery

He was born 180 years ago, he went to Central Asia 150 years ago and died 100 years ago. Livingstone told him: "What a pity you did not make Africa the scene of your activity! " And Charles Dickens said during a friendly conversation: "You, sir, should be a novelist!" He lived in Hungary, he received a chair at the University of Pest from King Franz-Josef I, but anyway, later he was introduced to the upper classes in the Budapest National Casino by Edward VII, King of Britain. Mór Jókai, the famous writer loved Vambery’s travelogues and as the number one source he gave a lot of information about Vlad Tepes to Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula. Indirectly he contributed to the formation of the Entente, he was a political advisor of the English, the French but also the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire–he was often named as "James Bond of his age".

Arminius VamberyAfter this "yellow page start" let’s read what his disciple Gyula Germanus wrote about him: "A wobbling gentleman appeared in front of his house leaning on his stick exactly three o’clock in the afternoon, he stopped for a while looking over the majestic river Danube then he slowly walked to the National Casino. Shopkeepers and the workers of the warf set their watches right–so reliable he was; and then the time came when political watches of Albion were set after this austere but steely and energetic little man with a nice smile. "

He was Arminius Vambery, philologist, orientalist, Member of the Academy, founder of the Hungarian Geographical Society and honorary member of the London Royal Geographical Society. Hungary remembers him in 2013 a hundred years after his death.

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