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In path of Vambery

I’d like to follow his path honouring Vambery’s memory and intellectuality. He was interested in the everyday life and customs of the nomadic people and he gave very tasty descriptions about them as well as the exploration of the source of the Hungarian language. He was received by a lot of local leaders, foreign diplomats and the Shah of Persia who gave him references during his two-and-a-half year travel.

Therefore, my goal is to present the travel sites, like Armin Vambery should do it today. I would like to visit such Abdullah Gül, President of the Republic of Turkey, Iranian, Turkmen and Uzbek leaders, to attend a Persian wedding, sit down among Turkmen children during history class or mingle in the bustle of the Bukhara market.

Travelling in these regions not harmless even today; just think of the tense nuclear situation in Iran or the Afghanistan war, but I hope that no Israeli-Iranin war will stop the ride and Afghanistan’s Herat province is peaceful.


In path of Vambery

I insist Vambery’s original route which means I have to leave Budapest on a boat on the River Danube and later the Black Sea to Istanbul and Trabzon in Eastern Turkey. From there I ride a bike to continue my journey through the Zagros Mountains to Tehran; from there I have to cross the Karakum desert and go back to the Iranian capital via Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Herat in north-eastern Afghanistan. From here I travel back to Istanbul by train via Budapest. The planned mid-August 2012 departure, arrival of the anticipated beginning of November. I leave Tehran by train for Budapest. I plan to start the journey in the middle of August 2012 and hope to arrive in the beginning of November.

As far as I know nobody has ever documentated his travels with text and photoes (the orientalist secretly wrote his Hungarian notes–with Arabic letters). We’d like to make a series of exhibitions from the photos made during the travel which would open in 19th March in Budapest and later should go to Dunajska Sreda (Slovakia), London, Istambul, Tehran, Asgabat, Bukhara and Herat.

The project is morally supported by the Scientific Academy of Hungary and technically by the Studio of Young Photo Artists and Union of Hungarian Photo Artists. Media partners: The National Geographic, Magyar Nemzet, Képmás–the news of the project will be available in printed form as well as electronically.

The official website is built right now in order to inform the world about the actualities and to host the blog of the journey with a lot of photos and videos.

Please donate and help to accomplish my plan to make a beautiful exhibition and a nice album in order to remember out famous orientalist Armin Vambery. I do whatever I can but success is up to you too.

About the author, Tamas Paczai

I was born in Tirgu Mures, later my family moved to Hungary, where I graduated in St. Margaret Secondary School. Later I went to College János Kodolányi and finished the photojournalist training of György Bálint School of Journalism of the National Federation of Hungarian Journalists. In the past decade I tried several dailies, weeklies and news site sas a freelancer. Currently I work for a magazine called Képmás (’Image’) but I have worked as a waiter in England, in a warehouse in the Netherlands, sold jug and Kalocsa embroidery in Ankara.

My passion is my native land: Transylvania. Most of my photographic projects were carried out here and these are popular mainly abroad: pictures about the life of Székelys, a Hungarian-speaking minority in Romania, were published in Chinese, Italian, Dutch, French and Canadian magazines.

My No. 2. passion is travelling, inspired as a child by Vambery, Germanus, Csoma, Teleki and many other famous travellers.

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In path of Vambery